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IQ Test

IQ Test

30 questions

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1. Which drawing completes this series?

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2. What is the missing number?

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3. Find the missing part of the domino?

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4. Complete the series ?

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5. Complete the series ?

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6. There are 3 fish in a bucket. 1 fish dies.

How many fish are left in the bucket?

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7. Determine the two missing numbers?

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8. Complete the series ?

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9. What is the missing domino?

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10. What complementary shape is missing to form a rectangle?

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11. Complete the series?

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12. Which drawing completes this series?

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13. What is the missing domino?

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14. How many faces does the following solid have?

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15. Complete the series?

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16. What is the missing domino?

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17. Homeowner spends $5,000 on home renovations. Thanks to a new law, the taxation of this work is reduced from 20% to 5%.

What will be the savings made with this new law?

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18. Which drawing completes this series?

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19. What is the missing domino?

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20. Determine the missing letter?

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21. What shape do we get by superimposing the 6 decomposed shapes?

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22. What is the result?

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23. What are the missing numbers?

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24. The manager of a company, whose company employs 100 managers and 900 workers, wants to know how many new employees to hire as part of the reduction in working time. Its staff previously worked 39 hours a week. From now on, he will work 35 hours a week.

How many executives and workers must be hired to fully compensate for the hours not worked?

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25. What is the missing domino?

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26. Steve has 2 marbles more than James but 6 times fewer marbles than Joe. They have 78 marbles together.

How many marbles does each have?

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27. Complete the series?

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28. Complete the series?

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29. Identify the form that has the least relationship with the others?

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30. Which drawing completes this series?



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Classification of IQ Standard

40 – 54 : Extremely Low
55 – 69 : Very Low
70 – 84 : Low
85 – 99 : Low Average
100 : Average
101 – 115 : High Average
116 – 130 : High
131 – 145 : Very High
146 – 160 : Extremely High

gauss curv iq est
Gauss Curv of IQ

Introducing our international and certified IQ test

Welcome to our website “TEST YOUR IQ“,

Our site will allow you to perform a reliable and fast IQ test (intelligence quotient) for adults.

At the end of this test you will be able to obtain your complete IQ results with your correct and incorrect answers and you will also be able to compare your score to the general population of our panel.

Choosing our online IQ test is a guarantee of seriousness, because our test is individualized and we certify that the result of it is as reliable as the result of a more in-depth and longer test. Our team is made up of specialists who work on the optimization and perfect calibration of the test you are going to perform.

Our goal is to give you an IQ result that is as reliable as possible thanks to our calculation algorithm taking into account different variables of human intelligence.

The results you will get at the end of the test are based on the Standard IQ model. This is the most widely used methodology today. It consists in calibrating our test by having a panel whose average IQ results obtained in the general population is 100. We are convinced that our IQ test is one of the most efficient and one of the best calibrated on the internet in order to make a sincere and serious IQ score.

Our IQ test will therefore be neither too complicated nor too simple, it will be fair and perfectly calibrated in order to give you YOUR personalized IQ. Only you will know your results. The confidentiality of your results following your individual test is one of our priorities on “TEST YOUR IQ“. Your results are unique and entirely yours.

We are committed to the reliability and seriousness of our test platform.

Your IQ results

Your results will be presented to you online at the end of the test.
You will also receive an email with the correct and incorrect answers for your personalized test.

Example of online result

Example of online result

Your result will be presented to you in the form of a graph called “Standard IQ Normal Gaussian Curve” with standard deviation set to 15. Since the median score is set to 100, 1 standard deviation is considered in- below and above 100 is representative of 68.2% of the general population who will therefore have an IQ between 85 and 115. The accuracy of your IQ score is therefore at the heart of our approach because the standard scale of our test ranges from 40 to 160 IQ, or 4 standard deviations below 100 and 4 standard deviations above 100, which is extremely wide.

“TEST YOUR IQ” will give you your IQ score with an accuracy of 1 point and we will give you the opportunity to compare your result against the general population. You will have a precise result of your IQ and not a range of results as some unserious sites offer. These sites often present results by interval, which is absolutely not accurate (example: Your IQ = between 115 and 130) but they will not give you your result with precision like we do.

However, keep in mind that each test is different and your score may vary slightly between 2 tests. Performing the same test twice can also give a slightly different score. Indeed, depending on your mood, your level of fatigue and therefore your level of attention, your score may vary very little but will always remain close to your IQ. It is very rare for your IQ to vary by plus or minus 5 points over the same period and under similar test conditions.

Interpreting your IQ results

IQ score between 40 and 54:

Your IQ estimate on this test is EXTREMELY LOWER than the average for the general population. This result reveals a moderate intellectual deficit. Individuals who obtain these values ​​have difficulties in their education and in their schooling. They may encounter difficulties in their daily autonomy. We invite you to contact a specialized psychologist in order to better interpret this result and confirm it with him.
0.1% of the population has an IQ between 40 and 54

IQ score between 55 and 69:

Your IQ estimate on this test is VERY LOWER than the average for the general population. This result reveals a slight intellectual deficit. People who obtain these values ​​can follow a specialized education. They are relatively autonomous and are able to manage their daily lives. We invite you to contact a specialized psychologist in order to better interpret this result and confirm it with him.
2.1% of the population has an IQ between 55 and 69

IQ score between 70 and 84:

Your IQ estimate on this test is LOWER than the average for the general population. These people can follow a normal schooling by making significant efforts. They will be able to complete secondary studies and will often work in manual professions. There may be problems with attention and memory. Logic and math problems are difficult to do. These people can lead a fully independent life.
13.7% of the population has an IQ between 70 and 84

IQ score between 85 and 99:

Your IQ estimate on this test is in the LOW AVERAGE of the general population. This is a result very often observed in the population (1/3 of people). People who obtain these results can have a normal education, attend secondary school and pass diplomas of intermediate difficulty. Higher education is not systematic and great efforts will have to be made to succeed. These people will sometimes be found in middle management positions. Medium difficulty questions can be overcome but not more complex problems. This score is completely normal.
34.1% of the population has an IQ between 85 and 99

IQ score of 100:

Your estimate on this IQ test is exactly within the average of the general population. (See the interpretation of the low average above and the interpretation of the high average below to situate yourself)

IQ score between 101 and 115:

Your IQ estimate on this test is in the HIGH AVERAGE of the general population. This is a result very often observed in the population (1/3 of people). People who obtain this result have a normal education and can succeed in higher education with moderate effort. Sometimes higher education will not be completed. As a general rule, individuals in this range will be able to access high quality jobs if they are hardworking and diligent. Middle management jobs are frequently offered to these people. Medium difficulty questions are easily overcome, but more complex problems may give you difficulties.
34.1% of the population has an IQ between 101 and 115

IQ score between 116 and 130:

Your IQ estimate on this test is HIGHER than the average for the general population. People who get this score can be called “gifted”. No problem encountered in their education and a minimum of effort allow these individuals to achieve higher education and obtain sought-after diplomas. These individuals may consider senior management positions. Many opportunities are available to them in general, in management and creative jobs, for example. Medium-difficulty problems are overcome easily and these people manage to answer some complex questions of the IQ test. Their minds are sharp and their logical intelligence allows them to successfully complete complex problems.
13.7% of the population has an IQ between 116 and 130

IQ score between 131 and 145:

Your IQ estimate on this test is MUCH HIGHER than the average for the general population. People who get this score can be called “gifted”. 130 is considered to be the entry into giftedness in terms of IQ. This is an exceptional result that is seen in 1 in 50 people as a rule. These individuals will often carry out the most prestigious studies in order to obtain the highest degrees of higher education. These people will have facilities in all areas and they will be recognized specialists in all their activities. Senior management, creative professions, entrepreneurship, research, university education, are preferred sectors and ultimately all career paths are available to these people. Everything these people do seems easy to the general population.
2.1% of the population has an IQ between 131 and 145

IQ score between 146 and 160:

Your IQ estimate on this test is EXTREMELY HIGHER than the average for the general population. People with this IQ score are rare. There are 1 in 1000 people with this type of extremely high IQ. In giftedness, such a score qualifies individuals as “geniuses”. These people do not encounter any difficulty in their schooling and all the most difficult and prestigious higher education studies are possible. The most qualified and prestigious jobs are often offered to these individuals. Very often creative, musicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, researchers, their intellectual abilities make it possible to run for management jobs in the largest international companies. This is the highest level of intelligence found in our IQ test and the most difficult set of questions in our test are almost always answered. With such a score, these people find themselves alongside other geniuses: Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking or Bill Gates, all of whom have an IQ score of 160. 0.1% of the population has an IQ between 146 and 160

The objectives of our IQ test

Discover your IQ. 75% of people who take the IQ test on our “TEST YOUR IQ” site are doing this for the first time. This is not surprising because the curiosity to discover one’s own intellectual capacities and individual IQ is a great engine to get to know yourself better. Simply assess your memory and your speed of reasoning. This test will allow you to reveal your cognitive abilities in order to learn more about yourself.

Preparing for a professional interview. In frequent cases, an IQ test is part of the psychotechnical tests, which can be offered by an employer to a candidate during a professional job interview. This test will greatly help you prepare for this type of interview.

Evaluate the quality of the general education that one received during his schooling. You have probably studied or been trained for many years or perhaps you have had a reduced academic background. Wondering if your years of learning have given you intellectual agility and a sharp logical mind? On the contrary, you wonder if you are a genius despite your short studies? This test is for you.

Detect delays or difficulties in certain people. Low IQ scores are not the only indicators for detecting intellectual difficulties. However, if you consider that your IQ results are low according to your own criteria, we recommend that you contact a specialized psychologist to discuss your results. This test is a good starting point for you.

Improve your personal IQ test scores. Some users like to exercise their intelligence by carrying out this type of test and are accustomed to this type of intellectual exercise. Passing this type of test several times during your life can also allow you to improve and increase your IQ.

What cognitive abilities are assessed by our test ?

This list is not exhaustive but by taking our test, you will be able to assess:

  • Your conceptual reasoning and how it develops,
  • Your ability to understand a problem,
  • Your categorical reasoning,
  • Your logical, geometric and mathematical skills,
  • Your visual and spatial reasoning and your ability to locate yourself in space,
  • The meaning you give to the words
  • Your information processing speed
  • And many other areas of your intelligence…

How to pass our IQ test?

1 – Connect to the main page of the site by clicking on our logo or our “IQ Test” button at the top of the page.
This site being used all over the world, you can choose your language in the tab at the top of the page.

2 – Before starting your IQ test, you must find a quiet place so as not to be disturbed. This test generally requires 10 to 35 minutes to be carried out seriously by our users.

3 – In order to start the test you will need to click on the test “Start” button at the top of the main page, question number 1 will appear. There are 30 questions covering various aspects of your raw intelligence.

4Each question will give you 4 possible answers. You will have to click on an answer of your choice and the next question will appear automatically. Answer the 30 questions until the end of the test.

5 – At the end of the test, you can get your personalized IQ result as well as your correct and incorrect answers. This result is extremely reliable.

To obtain your results, a payment of $ 9.99 will be required. These paying results are the result of our work to maintain a test that is always well calibrated, reliable and serious for our users. On the other hand, it allows us to offer you a user experience of the site, without any advertising, which could annoy you during your test. A paid test also allows us to remove all random tests from our site during regular maintenance in order to maintain a consistent panel of results. Finally, offering a low cost is the certainty that the paying user will have taken the IQ test process seriously, which is important in order to obtain the most reliable personalized score possible for you.

Free IQ tests on the Internet are generally poorly calibrated and will waste your time. Advertising on these sites will interfere with your attention. We really invite you to carry out an IQ test with paid results on our site “TEST YOUR IQ“, it is the best guarantee of having a reliable result.

6Your results will be presented to you directly online and we will also send your result to your mailbox along with the correct and incorrect answers for your individual test.

The Average for the general population is 100

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